Agents of Contact is sponsored by the Simon H. Rifkind Center for the Humanities and Arts at CCNY, the Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in Critical Bibliography at the Rare Book School (UVA), by the Division of Humanities and Arts of CCNY, and by the CCNY English Department. Further support has been provided by a PSC-CUNY Enhanced Award.

The organizer would like to thank for their help and support Renata Miller (CCNY English, Chair), Nickolas Pappas (CCNY Philosophy, Director of the Rifkind Center), Donna Sy (Rare Book School, Mellon Fellowship Program Director), Eric Weitz (CCNY History, Dean of Arts and Humanities), and Moe Liu Albero, David King, and Winnie Osagie at CCNY, as well as Claire Reager and Jeremy Dibbell at the RBS. The idea for the symposium evolved through conversations with Yael Rice — in this sense, it is a joint project.

And last, but most importantly: thanks to the participants for their willingness to join the conversation.